Friday, April 22, 2016

Peterson Projects: DIY Floor Lamp

I laughed as I posted the title to this blog. "Peterson Projects" almost implies that I participate in these projects. Let assure you on the front end, my role in anything related to home decor is limited to throw pillows and big-picture judgment calls.

This project started with a little trip to Target. Lucas found this lamp on the end of an aisle on sale and we stopped to look at it. His wheels started turning. "Harry, you've got that crazy look in your eye..."

Found Here
This color is awesome. I could hang this from the ceiling. Wait. I could make it a floor lamp. I have ideas. Needless to say, we left with a lamp and a date with Home Depot.

He started with this...

He toyed with it like this...

And he completed it like this...

Now we have a one of a kind light fixture adding character to our bedroom! 

Cheers to you, Lucas Peterson, and your creative genius! 

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