Friday, May 6, 2016

Coffee & Conversation: Surviving a Break Up

I never really felt like I belonged neatly within the Republican Party's platform. There were always views that I found very difficult to reconcile, so I found myself assessing what my priorities were each election cycle and foreign policy and the economy always seemed to be of paramount importance to me. Do note, I do not say that to diminish social issues but I have long harbored the view that social change has its largest successes when generations of people pass on. Will there always be bigotry in some capacity? Yes. But, in my opinion, those bigots are rarely persuaded to change by our country's talking heads. Additionally, if we are all blown up in a terrorist attack, our views on social issues and economic issues become moot. So, I tend to care a lot about how a candidate views foreign policy. I appreciate small government messages across all issues. The government should not be active in discrimination or our private lives. The government should not be heavy handed in private enterprise. The ideology here is really "Libertarian," but that has not ever really gotten enough traction to influence races toward Libertarian outcomes.

Because I am just a girl from Tennessee, no one really cares that I have broken up with the Republican Party. They are still going to attack my phones and inboxes to win back my vote. The problem is that they are asking me to back a candidate that I find so inexplicably terrible that I can hardly stand it. I am tempted to answer the phone and actually vent my frustration...but it would fall on deaf ears. The break up has been rather liberating. It reminded me that no one owns my ideas. I never signed a contract that I would be loyal to one party forever. In fact, we live in a country that prides itself on our freedom to evolve politically. Individuals do it all the time, the Republican Party just happens to have decided to devolve into antiquity. I'm not interested in taking that journey.

No, I did not run out and register as a Democrat. I did not buy a Hillary sticker. I still have time to decide to whom I will give my vote this year, but this person will have to earn it. The Donald ruined his chances somewhere between his breastfeeding quote and the ongoing fact that he is Donald Trump, the combover guy from The Apprentice. If he wins, the only thing I ask is that he be forced to wear those powder white wigs from the days of our founding. I ask this for two reasons. First, it would be a drastic improvement from the current hairstyle. Second, his hairstyle would then match the nuance of his views.

My political marital status is single. Ready to mingle? Perhaps. The departure felt nice. You know the scene in Jerry Maguire? That's me all day. Peace out, GOP. It's not me, it's you.

(Note: I still think Tom Cruise is insane)

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