Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Eila: 3 Month Update

Eila Christine Peterson: 3 Months

  • Weight: Last appointment was 8 lb. 14 oz. Next appointment isn't until June, but I'd bet she is close to 10 lbs. 
  • Size: Size 1 Diapers. 0-3 or 3 Month sized clothing
  • Sleeps: Well! Sleeps from 8 - 11 when we wake her to eat. Sleeps from 11:15 - 6 AM.
  • Eats: 4-5 oz bottles of Similac Sensitive Formula every 3 hours (except the middle of the night) 
  • Fun places she's been: Zoo, Fed Ex Forum, Wedding, Patios, Pool, Shelby Farms
  • Visitors: Uncle Andy and Hayley; Emily, Susie and Evan; Andy Smith and Carl


Between your 2-3 month milestone, I returned to work. It wasn't the heart-wrenching process I heard it could be, but that's because I know you're just down the street with SuSu and having a blast! Your mom likes her job, Eila, and I hope one day you understand why working is important to me. You're blossoming with so much personality these days. If you're in the right mood, I can make you smile by making silly faces or noises. Your dad and I can hold you upright and you maintain your stability. You hold your neck up well during tummy time. You are still a wonderful traveler and usually fall asleep in the car or in your stroller. You definitely let us know when you're hungry, though, and have introduced us to all kinds of new noises. You also drool a TON. We are very thankful for your impressive sleep habits while trying to keep in mind that you might regress a bit when teething begins. You're a wonderful baby in public and around people, so I hope we continue to introduce you to new environments for you to study and explore. We love you, E!


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