Monday, May 9, 2016

My First Mother's Day

It's probably silly, but I was excited about celebrating my first Mother's Day! Even though we did not plan anything, the day ended up being one of the most fun I have had in a while. We woke up and hung out with Eila for an hour. She is at her peak of happiness in the morning I love to watch her kick and wiggle. She'll get so into it  that she'll start shrieking. It's so cute! We had gifts we wanted to give to my mom, so we ventured downtown and landed at The Arcade. We scored an awesome patio seat and mom met us for brunch. Eila basically either slept or looked around. We went up to my parent's place to feed her and change her. 

From there, we decided to attempt the zoo. While it was pretty crowded, we spotted a parking spot pretty quickly and decided to commit. We recognize that Eila is too young for the zoo, but it gives us an excuse to go and stroll her around. There were some disappointments like absent polar bears, but the panda was out in full force. The new Zambezi River exhibit is pretty awesome too! After we bothered her to lather sunscreen all over, Eila passed out for the entire two hours we were there - not a peep. 

After we left the zoo, we were closing in on time for Eila to eat again but squeezed in our errands with a little team work. Walgreens Pharmacy Drive Thru, Williams Sonoma Outlet (for a spiralizer - $8 handheld!) and Kroger for the ingredients to make a couple of dishes. I will post on those tomorrow :)

We cooked those while Eila napped. We woke her up around 7:30 to give her a bath, feed her and lay her in her crib. Then, I took a bath - my first E was born. After that, Lucas and I watched the first half of Pearl Jam Twenty, a documentary that came out a few years back celebrating twenty years of the band's awesomeness. I struggle to think of a band I like, song-for-song, as much as I like them. And I was probably 6 -10 when they were doing all of their cool stuff in the 90s. 

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It was a great way to spend mother's day! Spontaneous, productive and together. Lucas bought both mom and me manicures/pedicures at the Nail Bar so we can go get pampered together. So thoughtful (and much needed)!

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