Wednesday, May 4, 2016

World Wide Wednesday: Vol. 1

I know what you're thinking - what is "world wide Wednesday?" Most bloggers I follow will do some sort of "roundup" series. It might be "Five Things" or a series of favorite links and articles for the week. My version is entitled "World Wide Wednesday...and here it goes.

{Working Mom} 

Today is Day 3 back to the grindstone. As you might expect, it has not been bad at all. We already have a bit of a routine. I haven't needed an alarm. I wake up when the baby wakes up around 5:45 - 6:00 (she lets us sleep through the night!) I give her a bottle immediately and put her back down to sleep. Then, I go grab my breakfast and bring it into the room I am in now and write the blog. After that, I go get ready for work. I leave Lucas with Eila's outfit for the day and head out the door. Lucas takes Eila to my moms and I pick her up at the end of the workday. So far, so good! My favorite part is receiving pictures from my mom throughout the day and getting to hold this sweet girl once I am home. She is getting so big, you guys!


Well crap. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race. I was not a supporter of ol' Ted but his departure certainly makes the path more clear for the Donald. I really thought I'd wake up from this nightmare a long time ago, but Indiana just made it reality after their primary. Gear up for a very interesting general election...

{Web Finds}

Kind of obsessed with the idea of this thing...

{What's New}

I don't know about new, but I am trying up my accessories game a bit. I tried my first gel manicure at home and added a midi accent ring...survey says: I really enjoy those details! The Sally Hansen polish (below) does not stay on as long as your salon's shellac, so know that. BUT, it does stay on better than your other polish. Thanks mom, for introducing me to it!

{What I Wore}

Below are some of the things I wore in the picture above or something substantially similar.

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