Monday, June 20, 2016

Baby & Beach Part 1

We did it! We made it down to the beach in one piece. As expected, Eila was an exceptional traveler. We stopped three times. One was to get gas, so we fed her and changed her. The second time was to go in for lunch, so we fed her and changed her. The third time was to get gas, so we just changed her. In essence, we didn't make any extra stops just for E, but we did spend more time at each stop than we otherwise would have. She only got antsy around the same time as the rest of us - hitting the standstill traffic on Highway 98.

So far, we have been here two nights and she has slept 8+ hours each night in her Magic Sleep Suit in the 4Mom Breeze Pack'n'Play. I admit it, we overpacked a bit, but we haven't found ourselves unprepared yet! On the beach, Eila has a tent with a battery-powered fan in it. As you can see from the picture below, she is enjoying her little beach palace. The first night we just went to the grocery store to stock up for the condo. We have mom, Lucas, Eila, Wes, Kelsey and I staying in the same place in Breakers East. Last night,we went to Boshamps to watch Game 7 of the finals, but we didn't end up staying there. We came back to the condo and watched the Cavs deliver the championship to Cleveland! Yesssssss!  My dinner was delicious though - Grouper Pecan.

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