Friday, June 17, 2016

Eila: 4 Month Update

Eila Christine Peterson: 4 Months

Holy cow, what a month of changes! I feel like Eila has developed so much since I went back to work. We wake up in the mornings, I feed her, change her and put her in the swing and she just smiles and babbles all morning. She is definitely a morning baby. Lately, she cries less. It really only signals sleepiness and hunger. Her personality is so vibrant. Her eyes are still blue. And she drools about 3 gallons of drool per day.

  • Weight: We really don't know because it has been a while. I will be able to update after her 4-Month appointment on June 27th, but I would estimate around 12 lbs. 
  • Size: Size 1 Diapers. 0-3 or 3 Month (some 3-6 Month) sized clothing
  • Sleeps: Same old story - she sleeps through the night like a champ. Let's see about this "Four-Month Sleep Regression" shall we?
  • Eats: 5-6oz bottles of Similac Sensitive Formula every 3 hours (except the middle of the night). I anticipate the discussion about solid foods at her appointment on the 27th. 
  • Fun places she's been: Drew and Erika's Wedding, Shelby Farms, Gus'...again...
  • Visitors: Grandma Pete, Aunt Jane and Jessica


All you do is change! Once I'm done getting over one cool thing you've done, you're on to the next cool thing. I think you're having a blast over at SuSu's on the week days, She tells me how much you guys play and learn throughout the day. I love getting my picture updates. Mornings are my favorite time with you because as soon as you wake up and see me, you beam with joy. I hope your happiness always contains some of that same purity and innocence. A lot has happened in the world this month, and most of it is sad or tragic. It just makes me treasure your presence in our lives so much. I feel very lucky to call you my daughter, and we are having so much fun watching you grow. You're my heart. 


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