Wednesday, June 1, 2016

World Wide Wednesday: Vol. 4

World Wide Wednesday Volume 4

{What She Wore}

Baby clothes are dangerous for me because they are usually so inexpensive. We love shopping at Target, Old Navy, Gap or Carter's. Occasionally, however, we sport something from a boutique. Tea Collection is one of those brands that I adore because the clothes are so darn cute!

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{Working Woman}

Who doesn't love articles that inspire?  Here are my go-to websites for a little career motivation.

-Motivational Articles: Levo
-Career Advice: MyDomaine (Career + Money)
-Work Fashion: House of Marbury
-What's Going On: The Skimm or CNN
Office Supplies: See Jane Work or Russell + Hazel

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{What I Realized}
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Aside from where I was born and raised (Memphis, TN), a few words that might draw an accent and my choice of food, I realized recently that I don't identify much with Southern culture or traditions. I began to wonder why? First, here are a few examples:

I don't understand the cult that is SEC football. In fact, I prefer basketball. I am okay with one initial, but I don't prefer a monogram. I dress Eila like a mini-adult, so we don't do smocking. Never been mudding. Watching the Kentucky Derby on TV gave me the heebie jeebies -- quit hitting the horses, why is everyone white? and omg the pastel overload. Lifted cars? I'm too short for that. You won't find me in too many bows, polka dots or box pleats. Jackie O rocks, but I guess I am not that girly.

Before you judge me, hear me out. I think I did it once and it was fake. I mean, I wore Ole Miss shirts in middle school. I have no tie to the school. I will barely speak the name now. But if I am being honest, I think it was something I did to fit into the culture that was going on around me. But it wasn't genuine. It wasn't me. With wedding numero uno, I had a Monogram + Mimosas shower. My friends threw it, and it was a beautiful event. Aside from the fact that the monogram is no longer relevant to me, I also never used the stuff. I just landed on a theme that was trendy at the time and rolled with it. There was a time when all I wanted was Kate Spade and Vineyard Vines, but who was I kidding? Maybe I was a late bloomer with this, but eventually I started being true to myself. And the truth is that there are large elements of Southern culture that I am not proud of nor do I identify with. I'm really not all that preppy - in lifestyle or fashion, - but I can appreciate the aesthetic with others who embrace it as their own. It's just not who I am. On weekends, I will probably be in athletic clothes or jeans. My intention is not to disparage those who love and identify with Southern traditions; rather, my liberation came when I stopped trying to be someone I wasn't and started being myself. That's what I would tell younger me - stop it. Be you instead of carbon copying everyone around you. After that, my love for fashion and personal style began to flourish.

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