Wednesday, June 15, 2016

World Wide Wednesday: Vol. 5

World Wide Wednesday Vol. 5

{What We're Watching}

OJ: Made in America. 

Lucas and I watched People vs. OJ Simpson earlier this year and we were hooked. This time, we are watching actual footage. I also appreciate the plot and character building. The mini-series is putting the crime into a political context that might remind viewers of the racial landscape of the time in Los Angeles. It is very interesting, and I recommend it to anyone.

{What I've Read}

Who What Wear article
To me, this is interesting insight both into the fashion industry but also into the fashion consumer's psyche. I think there are people in three camps. The first camp is the subject of this article. These campers want to have the cool thing first so that they can be among the trendsetters. Let's be real about one thing - all of fashion is imitation, but some people spin and innovate better than others. The second camp is people who are content to follow. These campers might see a trend in a magazine and think...nah, I'll wait and see what happens with this. By the time he or she makes up her mind, the trend is either stale or everyone and their mom has it. The third camp is people who don't care about fashion and live happily in their blissful ignorance of all this talk of trends and  loafer slides. I love all of the camps, but I must admit I am majority camp uno. If I see something, decide that it is within my aesthetic, and it hasn't even really hit Memphis yet...even better. Note also, that there are things I will always like regardless of what the industry is telling toe rings. That's what makes us all special :) 

{What I Bought
An example of the concept above

After the third-or-so time of seeing these sandals, acknowledging their low price-point and generally laughing about the old-school version I had to have when I was Camp Follower, I decided to take the plunge before the beach. This photo was my ultimate inspiration:

image link 

Have the chickens come home to roost, so to speak? After almost ten years of "Did you know you look like Selena Gomez?" comments, I am actually starting to find her style fabulous! Also, the older I get, the more likely I am to be secretly proud of the comparison to a mid-twenties Belieber. I love the bangs I love the lighter hair. I love the simplicity of this casual outfit. I love the seventies glasses. Well played, Selena. 

The moral of the story is that I bought those Adidas slides for $30 bucks pre-beach trip. They don't have the grippies inside anymore guys. Now let your inner-90s child cry it out. 

What I want to buy next...

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