Wednesday, June 22, 2016

World Wide Wednesday: Vol 6

{What We're Wearing}

I overpacked for E and lightly packed for me. But this cutie patootie has been so much fun to dress on this beach trip. From a flamingo swim suit to a Pineapple onesie, she has been a total beach baby. We kept her indoors most of yesterday because it was unusually warm on the beach and there wasn't much airflow into her tent.

{Where We Are}

Destin, Forida. My aunt and uncle have been inviting me to the beach with them for around 20 years now. It is a group of around 30 people all staying in the same condo (different rooms, obviously). This year, mom came with us to help with the baby, but she is no stranger to the beach herself. It is so crazy to see the generations replenishing with a fresh batch of little ones on the trip this year.

{Where We Go}

There are a few staples each year. We always go to Red Bar or one of its sister restaurants (here lately, Bric-a-Brac). We also go to Louisiana Lagniappe, The Back Porch, and have a Taco Night in one of the condos. Last night, we played a rousing game of Mini Golf at the Big Kahuna in which I talked major smack and earned last place among six contenders. But that's par of the course, pun intended. 

{What I'm Learning}

To be thankful for such a even-tempered baby. Don't ge me wrong, she has her moments. Just wake her from a dead sleep or take the bottle away before she is finished and she will show you the extent of her decibel usage. But for the most part, she has a very sunny disposition. She has made any anxiety I've had about travel disappear. But hear me out, I have a lot of help here. Lots of people want to hold her, offer to feed her, offer to watch name it. I don't want to understate the value of extra hands and eyes. They're crucial. But at the midway point of the trip, I'd say it's all gone rather swimmingly. Again, pun intended.

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