Monday, July 18, 2016

Eila: 5 Month Update

What a packed out month it has been! We started off by taking the baby on a long road trip to the beach. Two weeks later, we drove her to Illinois. I feel like I blinked and she went from 4-5 months because we have been on the move so much! 

Food: At her 4 month appointment, the pediatrician said we could introduce rice cereal anytime between 4 and 6 months. We've had fun with it. She doesn't know how she feels about it, but we think the attempts are thoroughly entertaining. Messy, but entertaining. Otherwise she eats 6 times per day 5-6 oz. per feeding.

Sleep: HALLELUJAH! No 4 month sleep regression in this house. In fact, she has proven the ability to sleep 8-10 hour nights without waking up once. Sometimes I feel that typing it might jinx it, so be really quiet about it, okay? She typically nap once in the morning and once in the afternoon. 

Weight: At her 4 month appointment, she was 13 lbs. 11.5 oz. We think she is closer to 15 lbs. now. That carseat is getting very heavy!! 

What's new: The child loves television. She watches and makes noises at Paw Patrol. I have exposed her to Winnie the Pooh also because I like reliving my childhood. 


This month was full of controversy in the world. But inside of our home, we are having a blast! You had one weekend this month when we thought you were teething because you would get into inconsolable fits of rage, but it seemed to be a fluke when compared to the month as a whole. We love watching you discover new things - television, your hands, new toys, grabbing things. You also love the swimming pool! We made you be a social butterfly and traveling fool this month, so we would deserve it if you were mad at us, but you've been such a trooper! You make my heart melt each morning when you smile from your crib and each night when you let me calm your grumpy self to sleep. You like to hold onto my finger and sit in my lap. People think you look more like me these days, but I must say you still have your daddy's beautiful blue eyes! It is so hard for me to believe we brought you home from the hospital five months ago! How is that possible? We love you, angel. Six months will be a hard one to absorb, but here we go!



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