Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Feminine Fashion

Can I share a pet peeve about fashion journalism? I cannot go on any of my favorite sites without reading a headline such as "The Jacket Every 'It Girl' is Wearing This Fall" or "The Sneaker You Need in Your Closet Right Now." It is a very obvious technique that is overused perhaps because it has proven to yield clicks. I mean, I'm guilty.  I just always wonder who are the 'it girls' to whom you are referring? And do you really mean that ALL of them are wearing the same jacket? That seems false - OR - I need these shoes? So, if I don't buy these shoes absolutely no one will think I am cool or fashion forward. Guess what? I think these are the thoughts journalists and marketers want swirling in your brain as you skim the articles.

Seriously, browse The Zoe Report or Who What Wear and you will find the same exaggerative headlines. And across all topics, there must be some study that was done suggesting that if your article is a list, that you need to use an odd number. For example, "7 Women Share Their Morning Routines" or "11 Proven Ways to Boost Your Productivity." Newsflash - I always click on these.

Anyhow, let's talk about fashion, shall we?

image via anthropologie

Do you guys tend to shy away from ultra-feminine looks? I find myself dodging entire labels and designers because I know their signature look does not match my aesthetic. Take Kate Spade, for example, I've never bought her clothes or shoes because I am not big on bows or pink, but if you throw polka dots on mixing bowl or navy stripes on a coffee mug, I am all in! It's just that I struggle to embrace too girly a look. The outfit pictured above from Anthropologie, however, spoke to me. The lines are clean. The mixed prints work together. The colors are tolerably neutral. Below are items I have found that I consider "Tolerably Feminine."

Tolerably Feminine

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