Monday, July 11, 2016

Road Trippin' Baby

We have logged over 50 hours of out-of-town travel with Eila since she has been born. This includes a trip to Arkansas (3 hours each way), a trip to Florida (took us 10 hours each way - thanks traffic) and two trips to Illinois (7 hours each way). This  weekend we were in Illinois for Lucas' grandmother's 94th birthday! Can you imagine?! 94! Though I cannot dispute that I am a city mouse, it is very enjoyable to be in a forced-to-unplug area and visit with folks. As per usual, Eila was a trooper on this trip. We borrowed my grandfather's Yukon to have more space. On the way up there, we hit a pretty bad storm for a few hours. That just so happened to be the time that Eila decided to fuss, so I was able to walk back there and tend to her whenever I needed to do so. It was so sweet because I could always get her back to sleep by holding her pacifier in her mouth with one hand and letting her hold my free hand. The same strategy worked of building a diaper changing kit and keeping it accessible in the car. For food, we bought Similac's 8 oz pre-made bottles so that all I would have to do is screw on a nipple and viola! These are expensive, but they are worth it on road trips. The only downside is that I have to guess when she's had her 6 oz. Thankfully, she's starting to stop when she's full. She is a distracted eater now sometimes - always looking around. She will pull the bottle out of her mouth and bring it back. She will chew on the nipple on the side of her mouth. So much personality comes out each day, and I must admit that this is a fun age! For sleep, Magic Sleep Suit and 4 Moms Pack'n'Play to the rescue!  Cheers to another weekend with family in the books as we settle back into our loose routine. 

Happy Monday! Have another baby picture...

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