Wednesday, July 6, 2016

World Wide Wednesday: Vol 7

{What's on the Web}
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Oh, just the Bullet Journal (or #bujo). Here's the thing. If you came into my home, you'd realize quickly that I am not a Type A clean person. If you came into my cubicle, you'd never know it was mine. I am exponentially more organized and tidy at work than I am at home. I nerd-out over the latest in the world of supplies and in the world of To-Do lists. Bullet Journaling is a method of To-Do listing that I am trying for a month. Check out the website here

{What I'm Wearing}

I was so excited when I found a pair of Jimmy Choos at a local consignment shop named Celery. See below...they are pretty reasonable, all things considered...

{What We're Watching}

Everyone makes fun of me because I don't watch the latest and greatest shows. I am more likely to watch the latest and greatest shows from 10-20 years ago. We just started Friday Night Lights because enough folks told me I'd like it. We are addicted indeed. We are also watching Big Brother and The Bachelorette. I can't decide if I am Team Jordan or not...

On my own time, I watch Pretty Little Liars. I am almost caught up. 

{What I'm Doing Lately}

I MAY OR MAY NOT have purchased products from Sephora just so I could get a sample pack of 24 lipsticks in the new Urban Decay Vice line. I am Snapchatting a new one each day. So far, I like ZZ and Jilted the best. Follow on Snapchat at Jordan Russell or Jordan Peterson...I really can't remember.

{When I Mustache You A Question}

Pointing at Mike Conley/hiding a Sunstache. 

Alright. I admit it. Being a dark-haired, olive complected individual, you worry about having the appearance of a mustache. I really have only waxed my upper lip once because it irritated my skin. Plus, my hair bleaches out in the Summer. For once in my life, the hair isn't the problem (see also, WHY IS MY HAIR STILL FALLING OUT?!). Another joy of postpartum life that has chosen me is Melasma (aka Pregnancy Mask). It can really happen anywhere I guess, but despite some heavy SPF on the beach, mine decided to come out on my UPPER LIP. I have affectionately dubbed it a Sunstache. At first I kept thinking it was a shadow, but it didn't go away. Apparently this is a thing. Since I am vain, I am trying a few products to fade this upper lip atrocity. I had the world's best pregnancy, but some of these postpartum realities are for the birds. Or Wyatt Earp. Or Speedy Gonzales. Or Tom Selleck (aka Richard). Okay, I'll keep you posted on its fading. Please fade...Please fade...

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