Wednesday, July 20, 2016

World Wide Wednesday Vol. 8

World Wide Wednesday Vol. 8

{What I'm Doing}

Well, you've heard of this game called Pokemon Go, right? I was just old enough to completely miss the original Pokemon craze. I mean, I played Pogs but I never owned a Pokemon Card. One morning, I was reading about this new game that had gone viral. The concept sounded interesting so I downloaded it. If you can get your mind around the fact that these are Pokemon, the game is actually quite fun. So, GPS creates an animated map that is geographically accurate to your location. Pokemon are scattered throughout your city - and all over the world - for you to find or "catch." When the app is open and a Pokemon pops up within your range, your phone will buzz (if on vibrate). You click on the Pokemon and throw balls at it to capture it. The fun part of the game to me is the "Collect 'em All" concept. I haven't even endeavored to train or fight them in any real meaningful way, and I am not sure I will. The Pros - It gets me outside walking way more than I otherwise would - HELLO FITBIT. It encourages you to visit green spaces and urban centers because those are "hot spots." The Cons - you can walk into walls and stuff. 

{What I am Planning}

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I have said it out loud so many times, but I cannot remember if I have written about it. Ever since school stopped being a part of my life, I resent the whole month of August. August used to be a big deal to me. I'd get a fresh haircut, get some new clothes, buy brand new school supplies, organize them and start a new school year with fresh motivation. From elementary all the way to law school, I have loved starting school each Fall. Now that I am almost 30, when stores put up their school supply sections, I just stare with envy. So, in order to reinvigorate my August, I am using the month to revamp my workspace at AutoZone. That means I get to look at all these supplies again and get a fresh set of pens and a few new picture frames. And don't worry, August Makeover Month will be blogged accordingly.

{What I'm Watching}

Still Friday Night Lights (Season 2). 
The Bachelorette (Team I HAVE NO IDEA)
Big Brother (Not really, because I fall asleep)

{What Inspires Me}

Image via Career Contessa
Have a good Mid-Week! 

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