Monday, August 22, 2016

A Lazy Girl's Guide to Timesaving

A Lazy Busy Girl's Guide to Timesaving 

1.  Avoiding the Face Wash: No matter how lazy, no matter how many glasses of wine, no matter the hour on the clock, I cannot and will not go to bed with makeup on my face. It doesn't happen, and I can say that because of whomever the genius is who created the first pre-moistened makeup removing wipe that does not require rinsing. Now you can pick your brands! I have three I use interchangeably - Honest Company, Neutrogena and Yes to Cucumbers! I'l be honest (pun intended), they all accomplish the same thing but vary in gentleness for sensitive skin and smell.

2.  Avoiding the Application of Lotion: The odds of me stepping out of the shower and taking the time to apply lotion once I was dry were slim to none. It just felt like such a burden (lazy girl trait). When I discovered moisturizers you could use in the shower, it was a game changer! There are three I have tried and loved - two oils and one lotion. I am still moisturized and smelling good even after towel drying. 

3.  Avoiding Washing & Styling Hair: We are encouraged not to wash our hair every single day. That is more doable for some of us than others. Fortunately, my hair is thick and takes a long time to appear unwashed. There are a few little tricks of the trade that enable me to skip the wash + style steps and still walk out of the door feeling presentable.

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