Monday, August 15, 2016

Eila Christine is 6 Months Old!

Eila Christine is Six Months Old!

Approx. 16.5 lbs.   |  3-6 Months Clothes |   Size 2 Diapers

Our Sleeper

From the time we put her in her crib at six weeks, this girl has been quite the sleeper. At two months, the pediatrician said we could drop that 3AM feeding, and I was so fortunate that she didn't seem to notice. As a six month old, Eila sleeps anywhere from 9-11 hours. We have a bedtime range, rather than a hard-and-fast bedtime. She prefers to fall sleep on my lap around 8:00P, and then we just transfer her to the crib. Most mornings, I have to wake her up and she greets me with a big smile. She takes about three naps per day. She sleeps on road trips and sleeps on short car rides. She is so obviously teething right now, and I am shocked that it hasn't affected her ability to sleep.

Our Eater

By now, Eila is eating baby food a twice a day in addition to her bottles. She loves carrots, sweet potatoes, rice cereal with fruit in it, apples, but she does not like green beans. She still drinks between 5-6 oz of Similac Sensitive 6 times per day (every three hours). I expect the pediatrician may change our eating instructions at our six month appointment. Eila is trying to hold her own bottles, and she definitely wants to guide the spoon into her mouth. We make a mess when we eat food. We bought the cutest little high chair because Lucas and I didn't want some huge thing in our kitchen.

Our Favorite Books

Eila has really just started to enjoy being read to by one of us (usually me),  and likes to look at the pages. She smiles when I use funny voices and seems to listen to what I am saying.

Our New Things & Milestones

 Eila is doing a ton of fun new things. For a while, she just wanted to roll her G's. Then, she learned to do raspberries. Then she started to react to things she thinks are funny. It is absolutely adorable when she starts laughing and cannot stop. She grabs at everything, and her first instinct is to chew on it. We cannot see teeth, but her gums are very hard. She is a drool machine, so most of her clothes soak quickly without a bib. She rolls over from her back to her tummy all of the time, so we are always watching her. She doesn't like to be left where she cannot see someone unless the TV is on. She loves watching Paw Patrol. When we put her in swings and and chairs, we have to use the straps over her shoulders or she will double over. She is close to being able to sit up, but she still needs help through her tendency to lean. We bought her a bouncy and it is her favorite thing to do!


Try as I might, I could not have prepared my heart for your arrival into our lives. Watching you grow, develop and come into your own personality is such a joy. You have such a sweet disposition and desire to be around your parents. You prefer to cuddle when you're tired but can play independently. You light up with joy when your dad or I walk into the room and get so overwhelmed that you have to hide your face. You still hold onto my hand when you eat. Naively, I worried when you were first born that it would take a while for you to recognize us as your parents, and I didn't trust that some bonds are instinctive. Despite the science the binds us, I promise to still work hard every day to remind you that I love you. I will work every day to make sure your self esteem is strong and tempered by humility. I will never be able to protect you from every aspect of this cruel world, but I promise not to let life's harsh realities dampen your youthful spirit. Life's stages are temporary and often pass too quickly, but I hope your childhood is among your fondest memories. Be kind to others. Be kind do yourself. And if you have any kindness left, it'd be cool if you were kind to your mom and dad too.

We love you to pieces!


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