Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fabulously Fall: Work Week

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4 Reasons Why Dressing for Work in the Fall is Most Fabulous

1. Options Abound. Unlike the Summer, you are not trying to get away with wearing as little as possible while still looking work appropriate. In fact, you have so much more versatility with layering, color palettes and transitional pieces. My favorite thing is adding casual elements to otherwise stuffy looks - don't think I won't pair black Sam Edelman ankle boots with a dress or skirt. In a heartbeat.

2. Layering. You can do so much with the wardrobe you have if you own a few basic sweaters. I've been known to throw a sweater over a dress and make a whole new look. Layering, done well by honoring the laws of proportionality, looks amazing. 

3. Sophistication. There is just something about that Ivy-League-in-the-Fall New England look that screams sophistication. I love the navy, green and maroon colors. And don't think a coffee mug isn't an accessory, because it most definitely is. That's how you get your jolt and share some personality.

4. Comfort. Fall. It's not too hot. It's not too cold. It is perfect. Hell, it's downright cozy...even in an office space. Remember not to wear billowy on billowy or tight on tight, and you should be golden.

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