Wednesday, August 10, 2016

World Wide Wednesday: August 10, 2016

World Wide Wednesday

{What I am Calling "Free Advice"}

If you so choose to run for president, you have to win your party's nomination. If you win your party's nomination, you are going to receive a lot more opportunities to speak to the public. If you receive more opportunities to speak to the public, do not suggest, implicitly or explicitly, that people could shoot your political opponent.
You're welcome.

{What are you Loving?}

My new Erin Condren planner is legit. This year, you can choose neutral color tones for the pages as well as the new option for an hourly layout, both of which I chose. I love the color scheme, but I need more of a sample size of time to determine if I like the hourly layout. If you have kids with scheduled practices and a job with plenty of meetings, then I am not sure you could live without it. My job involves fewer meetings and is very task-based, so I rely heavily on to-do listing.

{What Have You Been Doing?}

I've been working, parenting, running and eating. This week is our first week trying HelloFresh. Lucas had everything unpacked from our box yesterday by the time E and I got home. Around 6:45, he started prepping and cooking. We had beef skewers with green beans and garlic bread. Based on this one experience, I would advise that you think of this as skipping the grocery store and recipe researching steps of typical meal planning. You still have to prep the food and cook it, so if you are searching for shortcuts for those steps, then Taco Bell may still be your best bet. Lucas prepped the meal, including cutting the ends off of green beans and mincing garlic. Lots of dishes were used in this process, but the cleanup was not extensive (my job). The food itself tasted very good! This particular dish was heavy in garlic and rosemary, but the flavors were punchy and food was not bland. It looked fresh. It tasted fresh, and it saved us from our nightly "well, what do you want to eat?" battle, and that is worth its weight in gold.

{What are Cool Fall Fashion Shoes?}

Well, I am so glad you asked. On Monday night's perusal of InStyle September, I spotted a few common themes - straps, jewel tones and velvet. I fall hard for Fall shoes. Typically, I am drawn to boots of all types, but this year I may try to gear myself toward work appropriate flats and pumps like the ones pictured below. 

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