Wednesday, August 24, 2016

World Wide Wednesday

{What I Did}

Well, I cut my hair. I have an interesting philosophy when it comes to hair and seasons. I prefer longer hair in the Summer so that I can throw it up messy on hot days and not worry about it. Memphis humidity is no joke, so styling my hair in the Summer is an exercise in futility. When Fall rolls around, I want my hair to be more geometric, graze my shoulders and carry more of a style. 

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{What's New?}

I've stepped up my running game a bit. The goal was to sign up and complete the Cooper Young 4 Miler. I've signed up, now I am working toward completing that distance. I think I could run a very slow 5K now, so I am making progress and should be ready by mid-September. I've only run one time with a stroller - and let me tell you - that is a discipline! I'll be more eager to run with Eila when there are fewer mosquitos out at night.

{What I am Coveting}

I want these Free People boots really badly. Indigo Little Rock is shipping them to Indigo Germantown, and I think I may have to make it official. It's a love-love relationship...unless you ask my wallet. 

image source

{What We're Looking For}

Lucas made this really cool piece of art (will post about that separately) for our living room. But the wall is big and below the art, we need a low table.  Below is the size we need - I think - and we really like that 70s with a modern twist look of it. Hairpin legs would be great too. Keep your eyes peeled! 

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