Wednesday, August 31, 2016

World Wide Wednesday

World Wide Wednesday

{What's Eila up to?}

I am so glad you asked! As you know, she turned 6 months old on the 17th of August, and has been a riot ever since. A few days after her half-birthday, she got her first tooth! A few days after that, the second tooth came out (both bottom teeth). That caused an increase in irritability but thankfully no sleep disruption. She has discovered a love for bouncing, a preference for falling asleep on us, and a sense of humor. Last night I shared a video of her hysterically laughing at the dropping of an empty  water bottle. She is my heart! In other news, we are daycare shopping. Any recommendations in East Memphis, Midtown or Downtown? We are on waiting lists at Calvary and FLICC so far. 

{Where are you on Fitness Progress?}

I am making progress, which make me exceedingly happy. My new goal is to continue speed work to push my pace a bit as well as get over my thirty-minute hump.  I seem to shut down right at thirty minutes. I am enjoying getting back out there. A Beyonce-filled playlist is most helpful. I am also signed up for my first Pure Barre since Eila was born at 6AM this morning.  Can we say hello scheduled post?

{What is Lucas doing?}

He is coming up with projects. You know how we were looking for a piece of furniture to go under his art creation? Well, it's going to be homemade instead. I'll keep you posted. Other than that, he is just as wonderful as ever. He cooks our HelloFresh and keeps our plants alive. I must learn to cook before I'm 30. #lifegoals

{What's Cool on the Internet?}

Everything. This week, I learned that Chipotle is in hot water. Good, I didn't like their food anyway.  Um, you can watch Beyonce's entire VMA performance
Also, generally good work advice.

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