Monday, September 12, 2016

Happy First Anniversary!

Sometimes in life you get lucky enough to be offered second chances at happiness. Don't look away from these chances because, though they hit like a ton of bricks, it knocks you down in the best of ways. Lucas Peterson, you are the best thing that happened to me for unquantifiable reasons. Thanks for letting me be a your feminist wife. Thanks for being a feminist husband. Thanks for being a kind heart and a thoughtful mind with an artist's soul. Thanks for being an amazing dad to a daughter whom I know will grow to love and respect you.The first year of marriage was riddled with changes - travels, pregnancy, our daughter's arrival, moving, changing jobs...I could not imagine doing these things with anyone else. We may live by our own set of rules, but that's what makes us uniquely us. When I drown out the noise and distractions that so often define our days, I am joyful in your company, humbled by your kindness and amazed by your talent. Thank you wholeheartedly for choosing to do life with me. I can't wait to enjoy all the rest of the anniversaries with you! 


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