Monday, September 5, 2016

Motherhood Monday: Getting out of the House

Getting out of the House

I admit it. There are some times when I opt to stay in the house because getting out of the house just sounds like too much of a hassle, but Lucas and I are usually always on the move. We are good for maybe one day per week of being completely lazy, then the cabin fever sets in strong. In these six months, I have picked up a few hacks that make getting out of the house a bit easier.

  1. Bring Someone. I don't care if you are Wonder Woman, it is just easier to get out with a baby with an extra set of hands. Lucas and I are together so often, that I forgot how much work a baby is when it is just she and I bee-bopping through the day. 
  2. Save the Diaper Bag for Heavy Travel.  This is especially true if you carry a big purse anyway. I prefer to have a giant Ziploc bag with a few diapers, travel wipes and a disposable changing sheet in the car at all times. If I know she will need to eat, I fill the Mixie with formula and water and throw it in my bag with a burp cloth. Her car seat usually holds her pacifier and a toy or two.
  3. Feed and Change the Baby before the Outing. This is probably the most common sense piece of advice, but it works! At least for Eila it does. After she is full, she is more likely to fall asleep anyway, making both the car ride and the errand a lot less stressful. 
  4. Know the Soothers. Every baby is probably different here, but there are a couple of toys or videos that Eila will completely stop her meltdown for...if you're trying to avoid exposing your baby to YouTube, then this one might be less effective for you. If you fully embrace the power of YouTube, I have a few video suggestions! 

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