Tuesday, September 13, 2016

NYFW: Loving Thus Far

It's NYFW and that is among my favorite events of the whole year. I've searched my brain to figure out why I think it is so appealing to me and I have decided to tell the story with pictures. 

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1. Who's That Lady? I've been keeping my on NYFW for many years now, and it is always fun to see who the new "darlings" are in the fashion world. Some have perennial staying-power like Olivia Palermo. Others hope to have that staying power. Kendall Jenner has made a name for herself modeling for top-tier designers and walking on the most high-profile runways. Think what you want about the Kardashian/Jenner clan, this girl is a phenom of beauty and style. I am always watching to see what she does next, but the fact is that she could look stunning doing very little.

The Look: I have been wanting to see someone pull off this Fall's boot height, and she does it. To incorporate this look for a petite person (as opposed to a statue), it might take some tailoring to get the pants to hit the right part of the leg. Even still, I think it would need to be a boot the same color as the pant (as pictured) so as not to create three short segments of color that breaks up the flow. That is always a risky game for someone who is shorter. 

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2. The Street Style. Each FW, I am more enamored with the street style looks than the actual shows. Don't get me wrong, the shows are displaying art. The shows are dictating the trends. The shows are the basis for interpretation. But the street style is of the people. How does the average guy or gal get up for fashion week? I love seeing that play out on the streets of NY. 

The Look:  This look is obviously killing it because of accessories. This person took what appears to be a pinstripe jumper and added punchy shades and a fun tote. I love this because it displays the possibilities of what to do with a more understated canvas. 

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3. Veteran Fashionista, Mira Duma. From my blog's inception, I have not been shy about my love for Mira Duma. Part of it is her height, but the rest of the fascination is attributed to her ability constantly to look awesome and make interesting choices. 

The Look: What grabs me here is the color and shape of her ensemble. That appears to be the intention with the choice of a simple heel and low-slung ponytail. The color is extremely pretty and, as usual, she played the proportionality very well given her petite frame.

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4. A Nod to Athleisure. Anytime someone can dress something down with a sneaker, it gets my attention. I have gone through many a sneaker phase because it appeals to my tomboy sensibilities and often feels like an act of rebellion in region of southern femininity, which I love. 

The Look: Competing for my attention here is the fact that the blond chose a a yellow midi-dress to  start this outfit. It looks like she easily could have picked this up in a vintage thrift shop and decided to put her own spin on it. All-in-all, I think this is a bold move. Then adding a sneaker? It's like 1945 meets 1995, and you know what? I don't hate this fashion gamble. In fact, I applaud it. 

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5. J.Crew. I am always watching J.Crew during fashion week. This isn't because these are the top designs by any means, but more so because their line has the closest likelihood of hitting my actual closet. I mean, I could watch the Prabal Gurung show all day, but I can afford none of it until he collaborates with Target again. J.Crew feels familiar and within my grasp.

The Look: This is my kind of feminine because it is not obvious and has balance. Denim paired with a ruffly blouse that shows a little bit of sexy edge. That, my friends is a beautiful combination. See also, the jeans are still incorporating higher waists. This is is the more chic and classier alternative to the hip-huggers of 2001, a la Christina Aguilera. 


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