Thursday, September 8, 2016

World Wide Wednesday: On Thursday

World Wide Wednesday
on Thursday
Okay. I'm a day behind.

{What is that About?}

We have a sick baby on our hands. Over the weekend, she started by having uncharacteristically bad nights. Saturday night, she didn't fall asleep until 3AM, Sunday night she woke up many times. Monday night was decent. Tuesday night was so-so. We took her to the doctor on Tuesday morning. Doc said she just had a virus (thin: cough, congestion, stuffy nose, but without fever). The recommendation was that we use our humidifier, prop up her mattress and hold her in a steamed-up bathroom.  We also use the suction bulb. It seems to ebb-and-flow as far as severity of symptoms and how she reacts to it. A lot of the time however, she is just upset. 

And on top of making us feel utterly helpless, both of us  feel some combination of run-down or sick ourselves. Darn germs! I woke up with a sore throat Wednesday and congestion, so I decided not to go in the office. My mom offered to watch Eila, and I slept (no kidding) until noon. Eila is apparently still not feeling well at SuSu's, so let's hope this thing runs its course soon...for all of us!

{What did you learn on your Sick Day?}

 That the laundry doesn't clean itself. No, really. I had forgotten that the Apple launch was scheduled for noon, so I started streaming it on my desktop. While doing that, I used the Chef Shuttle website to spend too high a premium on lunch so that I didn't have to leave the house. I threw a load of laundry in the washer and was taught more about what is in store for Apple. I am a big dork about Apple's events. Apple and Starbucks are brands that I not only consume, I follow their business. I listen to their earnings releases. I always want to know what each is pioneering next. As for Apple

High Points:

iPhone7 looks awesome, especially the camera.
Apple Watch Series 2 looks awesome.
Apple Watch will have a PokemonGo app.
Apple Watch will have a special model with Nike for runners.
App Store is getting Mario games.
Apple Watch + Hermes are continuing their relationship of luxury
Apple Watch Series 2 has built-in GPS


iPhone 7 starts at over $600 (they doubled typical storage options)
iPhone 7+ starts at over $700
I want Nike Running perks in a normal looking watch rather than the sporty one they partnered with Nike for.
Oh yeah, I already have a first generation watch, so I really don't need to be in this discussion.
I read a rumor that an ever better iPhone might be on the horizon in honor of the phone's 10th anniversary next year. 
The headphone jack is gone for new iPhones in favor of wireless listening. 
But those headphones are over $150.

{What did you do over the Labor Day Weekend?}

Similar Look Here:

Lucas' brother, Andy, came in town on Saturday afternoon. Our weekend may or may not have included a trip two trips to Gus' Fried Chicken, a zoo experience, a cookout at a friend's house and the slow realization that our baby was coming down with something rather than just being annoyed by her own teething. 

{What are this week's Happy Things?}

Although it is difficult to think of happy things with a sick little one, I love the fresh flowers Lucas brought home from the farmer's market. I love that we finally bought a mirror to brighten up our entry way, and I love that Florida State put the second-half hurt on the Ole Miss Rebels.

Go Noles! 


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