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jordan peterson
memphis, tn
contact me: jrssell1@me.com
i don't know
maybe it is just me,
but there came a time in my life
when what i planned to do
and what i'd love to do
began warring with one another.

i'm an attorney
practicing corporate law,
but when i get a free moment,
it's all eyes on fashion.

i know there is a way,
with doses of creativity and patience,
to bridge the gap between the plan and the passion--
where they fit harmoniously in my life.

this blog is part of that bridge-building process,
so thank you for visiting.

chic memphis is a big proponent of working collaboratively 
with other bloggers, brands, and local businesses. 

some see blogging as a competitive world,
but each blog, brand, or business offers something unique.

if you would like your brand, store, or blog to be featured on chic memphis,
please contact me at jrssell1@me.com

i look forward to working with you!

jordan peterson
of chic memphis

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